Police conduct special motorcycle operation yesterday – a total of 1,421 summons issued for various offences

Dubbed “Motorcycle Special Operation”, Selangor police held a state-wide operation against motorcyclists. Over the course of the operation, 1,421 traffic summons were issued against 1,056 motorcycles and 365 cars, which was jointly held with JPJ, the Department of Environment and highway concessionaire Kesas.

According to Selangor Traffic Investigation and Enforcement Department (JSPT) head Superintendent Azman Shari’at, the operation was carried because too many motorcyclists refuse to ride on the highway motorcycle lanes, where provided. Among the excuses given to police by riders flouting the law were wanting to speed up their journey and the motorcycle lane was in bad condition.

Aside from that, JSPT is also focusing on motorcycles with modified exhausts, causing noise pollution and disturbing public peace, especially in residential areas, reports Harian Metro. “We have received several complaints and information regarding this issue,” said Superintendent Shari’at.

“Action will be taken and thus far, 1,483 summons have been issued for various traffic offences,” he added. Elaborating further, Superintendent Shari’at said 117 summons were issued for not wearing a helmet, 320 for riding without a licence, 111 for number plate not conforming to regulations. Other offences included 60 summons for no wing mirror, one for underage rider, 504 for not using the motorcycle lane, three for illegal modifications and 367 for miscellaneous offences.